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Solar Inverters

Solar Inverters

Due to the high popularity of solar panels, the need for a simpler and more seamless green energy set-up is the hybrid solar inverter: an electronic device that allows solar panels, batteries, and the traditional electric power grid to work in tandem rather than apart.

At Solar Supply Solutions, we are solar PV experts and have seen the industry develop throughout more than 20 years of operation. Our consultative approach to solar offers you industry leading advice, the most competitive pricing and an award-winning service.

Solar Supply Solutions source and supply hybrid solar inverters from the most renowned and best manufacturers from around the globe. We only work with factories that adhere to our strict quality standards, to ensure that the products we supply is of the highest possible quality. Our unrivalled partner network not only means that you get the best price, it also means that we are able to locate, supply and deliver the best products for your project in record time.

Work with us

Work with us

Solar Supply Solutions boasts a unique network of the most renowned manufacturers of Complete Solar Systems – Solar PV Panels, Solar Inverters, Battery Storage, Mounting Systems and Balance of Systems across the globe.

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Solar-Parks / Solar-Farms

Solar farms are large scale solar installations where photovoltaic (PV) panels, referred to as solar panels, are used to harvest the suns power. They’re different than rooftop solar systems and even commercial solar power systems in a number of important ways. Solar farms are also known as solar parks and solar power stations. They operate as power plants, just like a natural gas power plant or other sources of energy generation that have generated electricity for consumers for the last century. Solar Supply Solutions‘ supplier network means we are the perfect partner when creating or performing maintenance on a solar farm.

Solar Energy Retrofit Projects

Retrofitting photovoltaic panels (solar panels) creates a solar roof that produces electricity for the building’s use, and brings all the benefits of low maintenance renewable energy generation to your project. The primary consideration is to the additional weight loading and wind uplift factors that the PV array will impose and the capacity of the building’s structure to support the new provision. Solar Supply Solutions‘ years of experience and our supplier network make us the perfect option for your Solar Energy Retrofit Project.